Become an Ambassador

What is a Trees for the Future Ambassador?

Trees for the Future Ambassadors are incredible people who help us spread our organization’s message, giving us their support and dedication, and generously contributing to our cause.

Trees for the Future ambassadors represent our organization on a voluntary basis with the purpose of raising awareness about our solution to solve hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation.

Each Ambassador’s role can be made into whatever they want it to be! We love seeing the ideas you come up with. Some ambassadors raise awareness on social media, some also have fundraisers, some get spread our message by hosting an event with their friends or at their school. We are here to help you make your ambassador experience whatever you want it to be!

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Why become an Ambassador?

In places like Senegal (West Africa), 2.8 million people are malnourished and climate change is worsening their circumstances.

As an ambassador representing Trees for the Future you will empower people in Sub-Saharan Africa living in poverty and hunger and will better the environment.  You have the opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of others by educating people about the state of our environment and 3rd world countries. You’ll also have the opportunity to be featured on our website, e-newsletters and social media. Your ambassadorship is crucial to spreading awareness and advancing our mission and we are grateful!