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Our Values

At Trees for the Future, our mission is to end hunger, poverty, and deforestation within the communities we serve. Our commitment to making the world a better place is rooted in our organizational values. We value making our program accessible, respecting everyone, promoting diversity, learning new solutions to problems, imagining the endless possibilities, working as a team, encouraging entrepreneurialism, and making an impact!


TREES’ solutions are grounded in the ability to reach everyone. Our solutions are accessible, using highly transferable techniques that have low to no-cost levels of technology, ensuring the world’s poorest people can adopt them.



TREES deeply respects all human beings. We value health,  personal time, family, and we treat each farmer and farming family like they’re our own.


TREES values diversity in our programs and our people. Our FGA scales diversity in food, harvests, and income streams. Our people represent various cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We are proud of our diverse team, which fuels new thoughts and ideas and enables us to spur innovation and growth.



TREES is a learning organization, always iterating and improving. Good enough is never good enough. We learn from failure and continuously grow our knowledge base through experience. As we’ve trained farmers and communities for over three decades, learning is at our core and permeates our programs.



TREES’ goals are not easy to accomplish. The problems we address are massive, global, and urgent. At TREES, we meet challenges with solutions. We inspire through possibility, showing that it is possible to change how we feed the world in order to keep the planet healthy.


At TREES, we collaborate as a high-performing global team. We strive to be humble and honest. Our success is defined by what we achieve together.



TREES attracts entrepreneurial farmers who are always innovating to build a better life for themselves and the planet. These farmers are early adopters of new farming solutions. In addition, we attract entrepreneurial staff who explore every option to efficiently solve the world’s most pressing problems – hunger, poverty, and climate change.



TREES focuses on results. We expect our global staff to be high-performing individuals looking to make a difference in the world while elevating the livelihood of farmers through economic, social, and environmental outcomes. We work with an urgency to share our results with drive, focus, and optimism.