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Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships

At Trees for the Future, we know that we cannot achieve our goals alone. Collaboration is a key component of our Strategic Growth Plan and it’s through our collaborative partnerships that we are able to reach more people and have a greater impact on both people and our environment. We have offices in Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda, but you’ll see that our Collaborative Partnerships allow us to share our approach and expertise in other countries as well. If you’re interested in exploring a Collaborative Partnership with Trees for the Future, please fill out this form.


Our collaborative partner Futures Agribusiness (FAGRIB) is introducing our Forest Garden Approach to Cameroonian cocoa farmers. Together, we’re helping farmers grow higher quality cocoa while protecting the land and their own livelihoods.

Central African Republic

We are implementing our Forest Garden Approach in Central African Republic through the International Rescue Committee (IRC). IRC staff are sharing our approach with 300 farmers across three villages.



We are working closely with Futures Agribusiness (FAGRIB) in Chad to bring the Forest Garden Approach to 800 smallholder farmers.



Our collaborative partnerships in Gambia are addressing education, water, income, and nutrition. Gambia Rising is providing access to education, Water Charity is providing access to water, and we’re providing income and nutrition opportunities through the Forest Garden Approach.



Trees for the Future and the Kenya Scouts Association (KSA) first partnered in 2019 to contribute to Kenya’s 2030 Vision to restore 10% of Kenya’s tree cover. Through this Collaborative partnership, KSA works with schools to identify land and water  sources for tree nurseries and local TREES staff coordinate training and supply seed and nursery equipment. Read our original announcement of this partnership.


Trees for the Future is working in collaboration with Great Green Wall and Tree Aid to help 400 farmers incorporate agroforestry and sustainable practices on their land.


Our Senegal office is in Dakar and our training staff are located around our projects in Kaffrine, Fatick, and Koungheul. Our collaborative partners are helping us achieve a variety of impacts across Senegal. We’re reaching more than 3,400 farmers through our seven collaborative partners: the UN’s Internaional Organization for Migration, the Great Green Wall, Nebeday, Andando, REDES, FEPROMAS, and Eaux et Foret.

Together with the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) we are training returned migrants to use the Forest Garden Approach, helping them sustainably rebuild their lives. Learn more about our work with IOM.


Our Tanzania office is in Singida and our training staff are located near our projects in Singida and Tabora. Our many collaborative partnerships in Tanzania allow us to reach far more people than we could alone. Together, we are achieving water access, crop resilience, environmental protection, and more. Our collaborative partners are CDI, ADESE, Wandelee, Friends of Lake Tanganyika, EHECODE, Family of Africa, Frontier Friends of the Environment, Tanzania Bureau of Prisons, and Seed Change.


Our Uganda office is in Kampala and our training staff are located near our projects in Lira and Kole. Our collaborative partnerships with AMIGOS, Bushika, Vital Voices, and YES are allowing us to expand our reach to 400 more farmers.