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Money To Plant Trees

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Our supporters have found some pretty creative ways to raise money for trees. And they’re coming up with new things to do every day. Let’s see what you can do!

Ideas to Get You Started


Start a Birthday Campaign

If you think about it, trees have birthday too. Why not celebrate your birthday by asking for donations for trees instead of gifts this year?

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Start a Holiday Campaign

There’s no better way to celebrate than but planting people out of poverty. Get in the spirit of giving for your favorite holiday!

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Start a Sporting Campaign

Are you an athlete? Ever wanted to dance, bike, swim or use your skills to help change the world? Here’s your chance!

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Start a Tribute Campaign

Is there someone you would like to host a giving campaign in honor of? It’s easy to do with our fundraising platform.

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Start your own Campaign

Want to shave your beard for trees? Host a lemonade stand?  Do whatever you’re interested in to plant families out of poverty!

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How To Start A Campaign


Realize that in places like Senegal, 2.8 million people are malnourished.

You can help by creating a campaign. It’s easy. First, decide what you want to do. Next, come up with a name for your campaign. Finally, just take a photo. Now you’re ready to start raising money to plant trees and change lives forever.


Get the word out about your campaign and ask your friends to help raise funds.

Now that you have your campaign set up, spread the word! Talk to your friends. Tell your family. Let everyone know what you’re doing. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal. And the faster the donations to your campaign will come in.

How will you harness the transformative power of trees?

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