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Impacting People & Planet

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Trees Planted

Acres Restored

Lives Changed

Our Focus: People & The Planet

Ending Hunger

The Forest Garden Approach ends hunger for most families after the first year. Only 13% of our project participants were food secure when they joined the program, and after just 12 months of planting Forest Gardens, 86% of our farmers aren't worried about going to bed hungry.

Ending Poverty

Through the Forest Garden Approach, we are impacting the lives of their farmers and children, resulting in positive impacts for over 151,025 people so far. A total of 82% of our farmers have seen significant income increases and more than 92% feel capable to brace for any unforeseen circumstances the future may bring.

Improving the Environment

By decreasing the use of practices such as burning, clearing and plowing, Forest Gardens reduce deforestation by eliminating farmers' dependence on forests for food, timber, and many other non-timber forest products. The positive environmental impacts include carbon sequestration, biodiversity increased, land restored, and so much more.