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Trees for the Future Board of Directors

Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Board of Directors is made up of dedicated volunteers from a diverse mix of backgrounds, professions, and expertise. Our board members support the work of TREES with mission-based leadership, fundraising engagement, risk mitigation and strategic governance of the organization.

2021 Board Of Directors


Mark Brown, Board Chairperson

Kaylin Nickol, Board Vice-Chair,  Board Secretary, Governance Committee

John Leary, Ex-Officio Board Member, Governance Committee

Humphrey Mensah, Ex-Officio Board Member, Board Treasurer Committee

Shannon Hawkins, Board Member, Chair of Governance Committee

Steve Hansch, Board Member, Governance Committee

Karl Schwenkmeyer, Board Member, Governance Committee

Veerendra Lingam, Board Member, Chair of Development Committee

Mark Adams, Board Member, Development Committee

Ariana Constant, Board Member, Development Committee

Marc Geffroy, Board Member, Development Committee

Holly Lau, Board Member, Chair of Finance Committee

Walter Barnes III, Board Member, Finance Committee

Jon Drimmer, Board Member, Finance Committee

Michael Gumbley, Board Member, Finance Committee


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Interested in contributing to TREES’ mission through your leadership and insight? Board members sit on the board for three years and are unpaid volunteers. Click below and send us your cover letter today.

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