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Our Support

Trees for the Future (TREES) is supported under three umbrellas. Our mission is made possible through the generous contributions and support of our individual donors, institutional support and business sponsors, and field partners.

Individual Supporters

Our individual supporters include one-time donors, monthly donors from our Sustainers’ Circle community, fundraisers, and ambassadors. Any amount of donation and outreach builds awareness and helps us reach our goals of planting people out of poverty.  All supporters play a crucial role in carrying out our mission. Join us!

Institutional Support

TREES receives support from a wide variety of institutional donors and civil society partnerships. This support, both financial and in-kind, helps us achieve our on-the-ground programming, and it allows us to work with funders who see the innovative vision of planting Forest Gardens as a means to  long-term sustainability in the areas where we work. Our philanthropic institutional donors support our field programming as well as help us to spearhead new initiatives, such as microlending, water systems support, and information and communication technologies for development in our programs.

Business Sponsors

TREES has a strong relationship with its business partners. Before a business becomes a partner of TREES, they are vetted through a series of questions to show brand and values alignment between TREES’ mission and business ethos. We have 3 types of partnerships:

Plant-a-Tree partners pledge to plant a designated number of trees for every product or service sold at 10 cents per tree;

Adopt a Project partners sponsor a specific project with over 300 families for 4 years and plant between 1 and 2 million trees; and

Global Cooling Partners focus on offsetting their carbon footprint and work with us to determine their carbon offset needs.

Business partners commit to the following: Re-share TREES promotional campaigns and fundraising efforts on their website and through their social media platforms; Tag TREES on their social media platforms at relevant times throughout the year and collaborate with TREES on events, trade shows, etc. This increases the public’s awareness of TREES mission. In return, business partners have a myriad of benefits; just to name a few, they have access to our media assets, impact data, logos, partnership badges, donation and tree planting certificates and social media recognition across our social media platforms to over 100,000 followers.  

Field Partners

TREES works with many partners at the national and local levels to ensure that governments and communities collaborate to ensure that Forest Gardens have community buy-in and meet agroforestry standards. TREES and local water and forestry government agencies regularly exchange information and ensure that government priorities are considered during the planning and implementation of Forest Gardens. Farmer associations and cooperatives are one of TREES’ most important partners. They ensure that farmers are mobilized and informed about the many benefits of the Forest Garden approaches. Finally, TREES is negotiating to work with micro-finance institutions (MFIs) in East and West Africa. These MFIs will inject additional capital to our farmers and Forest Gardens.

Join the movement to end extreme hunger, poverty, and deforestation.

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