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Planting out of Poverty: A Simulation Game

Ever wondered how we can end poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation?

Learn a scalable solution to the world’s toughest issues by surviving three seasons.

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Farming in a developing country

Put yourself in the shoes of an African farmer. You spend hours in the hot sun trying to grow food on barren lands or steep hillsides.

You work with traditional methods of cultivation and use hand tools to dig your fields. It’s back-breaking work for such little return. How can millions of farmers improve their lives when their only asset is their degraded piece of farmland?

Things can be different.

We invite you to learn about the environmental and economic challenges that many families face and how certain sustainable agriculture practices can go a long way to help! If all you had was the land beneath your feet, what would you grow?

We challenge you to Plant out of Poverty!

In this interactive learning game, you and your peers take the role of an African farming family and negotiate the uncertainties of agricultural life. You’ll make tough decisions about how to put your precious funds to use. Your family depends on you!

Which teams will break the poverty cycle?

Through your successes and failures, we’ll all learn how farmers can win at breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty that plagues Sub-Saharan Africa.

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