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Kenya Staff Celebrates 30


August 22, 2019

In true Trees for the Future fashion, Ikinu, Kenya staff celebrated the organization’s 30th anniversary by planting trees and, of course, enjoying some birthday cake.

We wanted to do something simple but that also showed our appreciation for the organization that cares for so many farmers,” said Peter Kingori, Trees for the Future East Africa Training Advisor. “We also felt it is always good to appreciate Trees for the Future for being a great supporter in our livelihoods.”

Ikinu, Kenya staff throw 30th birthday party for TREES

Kingori and five Ikinu-based colleagues decided the best way to celebrate was to plant one tree for every year the organization has worked with developing communities.

“We looked for an appropriate place where we felt the trees could be taken care of and would be highly appreciated,” he said. “ We decided to plant them at Preblo Day and Boarding Primary School.”

TREES staff planted 30 trees, including: Castor Fig, Jack fruits, Fern trees, and Flame trees.

Students were on holiday, but the six staff were joined by teachers and school staff. Together, they planted Prunus africana, Vitex Keniasis, Castor Fig, Jack fruits, Syzgium guineese, Fern tree, Flame tree (Australian flame), Warburgia ugandesis, Podocarpus, Trichilia emetica and Casulina.

“The staff and the leadership of Preblo school could not hide their joy, they really appreciated our gesture and didn’t believe there were people who were so mindful of the environment,” Kingori said. The school plans to involve the students in watering and caring for the trees.

The celebration included birthday cake and passionate words from a speech shared by the six Ikinu staff: Stephen Murimi, Ikinu 3 Lead Technician; Paul Kihara and Paul Muchai, Ikinu 3 Assistant Technicians; Carolyne Njama, Ikinu 3 Intern; Silvia Mburugu, Kenya Development and Communication Liaison; and Peter Kingori, Ikinu 1 Lead Technician. (Meet the entire staff on the Kenya Country page.) 

“We are humbled as the Ikinu team to be associated with Trees for the Future. We are committed to continue improving and changing lives and livelihoods of people. Happy birthday TREES, live long!”

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