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Career Opportunity: Programs Coordinator

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunity: Programs Coordinator

Who We Are 

At Trees for the Future (TREES), we believe in a world where our planet is thriving and communities in low-income nations are breaking the cycle of poverty.  We have over 30 years of dedicated experience working with farmers around the globe to transform their land in a sustainable way that not only ends hunger and poverty, but is also beneficial to the environment.  

TREES is ending hunger and extreme poverty for farmers in across the world by generating health, wealth, and resilience. Through our “Forest Garden Approach,” we train farmers to plant and manage Forest Gardens that sustainably feed families and raise their incomes, increase livelihood opportunities, and restore degraded lands. We receive donations to implement our work in areas where we can have the greatest impact.

TREES’ five-year strategic plan centers around Expansion, Collaboration and Replication regarding tree planting. Managing and tracking project implementation and impact through these three categories is key to informing and shaping how we grow, while also ensuring timely project implementation. These growth pathways allow us to meet the challenge of planting one billion trees with farmers by 2030 and understanding efficiencies about how to scale our work. Learn more at  

Position Description 

Main areas of focus 

Backstopping, Budgeting, Tracking Projects, Coordinating among departments 


We are currently a fully remote workplace but we prefer that applicants for this position reside in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area.   

Position Summary 

The headquarters-based Programs Coordinator will work with TREES program staff at headquarters (HQ) and in East and West Africa to ensure effective project implementation, administration and reporting. This position backstops field operations and liaises with HQ staff to ensure program functionality. The job entails providing project support, maintaining current information on all field-based staff, managing project work plans and communications between HQ and country programs. This position will also relay information to other HQ-based departments, and support programs-led donor proposals. This position will report to the Deputy Director of Programs.  

Key Responsibilities 
Assist in Program Coordination across East and West Africa
  • Backstopping between programs, human resources, and administration departments to ensure: 
  • Backstopping all program portfolios, including working between HQ departments (finance/administration, human resources, development, and marketing/communications) to ensure  programs information and updates are shared across departments 
  • Coordinating with HQ departments to ensure changes to staff lists are updated and field office information is current 
  • Ensuring all field-based employees have tools and systems in place to work effectively by supporting new employee onboarding (e.g. email addresses updated, monitoring and evaluation software (via Taroworks) logins are current and useable, asset registration is complete, procurement systems are updated with new information as needed) 
  • Helping with programs procurement planning in coordination with administration/finance  team and current procurement systems to develop procurement schedule and supporting documentation, especially with seeds and materials for monthly purchases  (e.g. liaise with in-field logisticians and seed bank managers to get accurate seed counts for procurement requirements) 
  • Assisting with annual planning and preparation for annual budgets in coordination with programs team and other departments 
  • Preparing programs-focused quarterly check-ins and updates for internal staff, including all-staff quarterly meetings 
  • Liaise with monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) director and field-based staff to disseminate reports to all programs and marketing/communications staff, (e.g. through the initiation of an internal quarterly internal MEL newsletter) 
  • Send alert updates about training needs for new field staff to HQ-based Training Staff on an ongoing basis 
  • Act as technical data specialist as needed in HQ to answer staff questions about programs and projects, including work plans, timing of programming, status of data collection using Salesforce  
  • Providing data and multimedia information for donor proposals and reports, e.g. corporate partners, foundations, individual donors

The Program Manager needs a fearless and enthusiastic can do/will do attitude, is comfortable in a fast-paced, high-standards setting, possesses excellent people skills, and the ability to write, communicate and present extremely well. 

In addition to having demonstrated an ability to perform the responsibilities listed in the position description, the ideal applicant has: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in field relevant to position; or equivalent experience/education 
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience with program and staff management
  • Minimum 1 years’ experience traveling and working in Africa
  • Ability to think inter-departmentally and “connect the dots” between program needs with administrative, marketing/communications, development and human resources needs
  • Comfort level navigating various leadership and decision-makers and working in a non-hierarchical environment
  • Significant experience in agroforestry, natural resource management, livelihood development and poverty alleviation
  • Significant experience with capacity building, program backstopping, report writing and editing, development and MEL
  • Familiarity with the International Development sectors in East and West Africa 
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills
  • Fluent in written and spoken English, French is a plus
  • Curiosity and ability to learn new information quickly 
  • Systems thinker with the ability to develop new systems and processes as needed 
  • Excellent time management skills 
  • Superior skills in navigating spreadsheets in Excel; good mathematical and analytical skills 
  • Knowledge of Salesforce and database management systems 
  • Willingness to travel 
  • Experience working with foreign project field staff  
  • Experience working across cultures and a developed sense of respect for cultural differences 
The ideal candidate will also possess the following personal attributes: 
  • Strong belief in TREES’ mission and culture
  • Focused, disciplined, and determined
  • Innovative and collaborative
  • Passionate and good-natured
  • Patient and flexible, particularly in cross-cultural environments 
  • Sensitive and respectful of cultural differences
Compensation & Benefits Summary 
  • Salary to be commensurate with previous experience 
  • Opportunities for national and international travel. Overseas insurance when traveling 
  • This position is entitled to receive health insurances (vision, dental, medical). TREES covers 85% of cost of premium; 
  • Eleven (11) paid holidays annually
  • Twelve (12) days of vacation/personal time off accrued according to company policy
  • Up to seven (7) paid sick days per year and three (3) paid personal days
  • 403 B (401K for nonprofits) with a 5% match after the first year of employment. 
  • Additional insurances available as desired through AFLAC
  • The satisfaction of helping countless families to plant their way out of poverty. 
How to Apply 

Apply Here 


Let’s Get Planting

Your donation has a direct impact on the earth and lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you give families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a flourishing Forest Garden system. Your donation not only helps the environment, but it also empowers farmers to end poverty for their families.