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Nearly a billion people live in extreme poverty and earn less than $1/day. Most of them are subsistence farmers whose farming practices have led to the deforestation of their land and the degradation of the their local – and the global – environment.

Trees for the Future (TREES) is ending hunger and extreme poverty for farmers in developing nations by generating health, wealth and resilience. Through our “Forest Garden Approach,” we train farmers to plant and manage Forest Gardens that sustainably feed families and raise their incomes by 400%. We receive donations to implement our work in areas where we can have the greatest impact.

Since 1989, with our experience in planting over 155 million trees, we have demonstrated the transformative power of trees in helping smallholder farmers to break out of the poverty trap. Today, our work in East and West Africa is helping to end hunger and poverty by guiding thousands – and soon hundreds of thousands – to grow food and promote economic independence through trees. Learn more at


This position will report to Jennifer Tepper at Headquarters and will be responsible for increasing the public awareness, outreach and understanding of the work of Trees for the Future in the countries we operate.

This role combines both marketing and communications as well as partnership development work required to grow our business and corporate sponsors in the countries where we work. We anticipate this role will require 30-40% time in the field where our forest garden projects are located.

For Business Development, this role will build relationships with businesses and their corporate social responsibility or their marketing and community affairs teams that may be interested in partnering with TREES as either event sponsors, in-kind donations for our program work, or corporate partners that will engage with our current programming as a Plant-A-Tree partner, Adopt-A-Project partner or a Global Cooling Partner.  To begin, this position will help line up business meetings and interviews that can either be conducted in person (twice a year) or over teleconference with the business development team members at headquarters. Ideally, we will be looking into corporate partners that can help provide goods and services that will offset project costs in the field or can help with our annual donations and revenues to grow more forest gardens in the field.

For Communications, this role will help garner in-country media attention to our work, writing and releasing press releases, and working with freelance photographers and videographers to capture our work in on the ground seasonally and sending the media assets to headquarters on a regular basis.  All the communications work will be done in strict adherence to TREES branding guidelines and standard operating procedures. This role will help us promote our events, such as forest garden farmer graduations and trainings, if necessary and appropriate. Finally, this work will help create, country and culturally appropriate messages to help increase the desire of farmers to want to work with our programs as well as increase the desire of individuals, companies, NGOs and government officials to support and donate to our work.

Key Responsibilities:

Communications – assessing the public relations/outreach and event landscape in country, fulfilling communications and media content for HQ needs, communicating to HQ the needs in the field

    • Consistent communications content to be created in to fill content for campaign according to timeline set in HQ
      • Create more dialogue between comms and program work
      • Collect Stories/Interviews/Quotes/Narratives
      • Updates on projects (changes, planting, harvesting, phases, dropouts, etc.) that are then communicated to HQ
      • Digital Media Collateral (raw on their own and freelance) 
        • Uploading to Canto with descriptions
        • Managing freelance photographers and videographers, as needed
      • Implement TREES overall communications strategy for platforms used in country
        • Goal of 500 followers over 6 months on platforms that are popular in country like Facebook or others, as identified.
    • Assess marketing material needs
      • Develop collateral needed for all communications including but not limited to events (graduations, TREES events, etc)
      • Apply TREES branding guidelines and ensure compliance on using branding guidelines to vendors and other external messages
      • Merchandise and collateral development for field team (t-shirts, office supplies, etc)
      • Establish a process to identify, create, inventory materials and coordinate with HQ.
    • PR/Media outreach
      • Media outreach about relevant events with TREES, partners, etc
      • Assess and identify media outlet landscape 
      • Pushing press releases through per country contacts on Meltwater 
      • Cultivating pipeline of media outlets to pitch to/cultivate relationship
      • Securing spots on various media platforms
    • Events
      • Cultivating pipeline of events happening through potential partners through the year
      • Attend events to get our name out there and network
      • Secure us as a charity partner in local philanthropic events
      • Identify expat communities
      • Determine the feasibility of hosting our own TREES events
    • Mobilization and Monitoring
      • Ensuring quality photos are taken of all forest gardens and farmers in all sites.
      • Conduct and collect sample survey narratives and conduct farmer interviews 1 to 2 times per year.

Development – evaluate the landscape of potential business partners and other program partners (such as NGOs and government entities), assess and create or identify marketing needs for business meetings and schedule them for HQ.  Also grow our in-country business pipelines for cultivation and stewardship.

  • Partner Development
    • Cultivate a pipeline of 25 partners in 6 months
    • Build relationships, on the ground, in collaboration with program team in the field and at HQ
    • Day to day salesforce entry
  • Business Development (in kind, monetary donations and event sponsorships)
    • Cultivate a pipeline of 200 in-country companies
    • Schedule 3-5 meetings/week (~100 meetings scheduled) and be available to join these meetings that will be led by the business development team at HQ
    • Create or use current marketing materials needed for prospect businesses, adapted to cultural needs of prospective businesses
      • Build Pitch deck
      • Create or identify relevant promotional materials 
    • Day to day Salesforce entry 
  • Individual Donor Development
    • Identify any individual donors that may be interested in supporting our work
    • Relay these individuals to headquarters and set up meetings, for HQ staff to attend, as appropriate.
    • Create or use current marketing materials needed for individual donors, adapted to cultural needs of prospective donors
    • Conduct research, as necessary, on what philanthropy entails (ie, tax benefits, recognition expectations…etc..) in-country. 


In order to succeed at this position, the candidate will be flexible and open to learn, have a positive attitude, be comfortable in a fast-paced environment, have high standards, possess excellent people skills, and have the ability to write, communicate and present extremely well.  

Candidates should be creative and flexible team players who are passionate about organization’s mission and international development. 

In addition to having demonstrated an ability to do the responsibilities listed in the position description, the ideal applicant has:

  • Sales-oriented spirit. A passion for our mission and a love of corporate social responsibility and fundraising.
  • Ease in comfort and communication with strangers and excited about promoting our work to potential business partners.
  • Detail-oriented and polished.
  • Ability to relate to and work with a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • Understands the impetus for businesses to support social causes, corporate social responsibility, B-Corps and other initiatives that encourage businesses to donate in and invest in Trees for the Future.
  • Experience in cause marketing.
  • Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree preferred.
  • Understanding of business culture and the business of media/public relations in-country.
  • Experience working or volunteering in the developing world preferred 
  • Experience with technology to be able to work in Salesforce databases
  • Strong comfort and ability to work across departments and help coordinate tasks between HQ and field staff teams to get what we need for our projects, prospective donors, and our marketing and communications campaigns.
  • Excellence in:
    • Organizational and communication skills
    • Written and spoken English (additional local languages preferred)
    • Computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

The ideal candidate will also possess the following personal attributes:

  • Strong belief in TREES’ Mission
  • Focused, disciplined, and determined
  • Innovative and collaborative
  • Patient and flexible, particularly in cross-cultural environments
  • Good interpersonal skills


  • Monthly stipend of $1,000 USD
  • Career development and job-related training;
  • The satisfaction of helping countless families to plant their way out of poverty.


Email with your CV and the subject line “Uganda Liaison Application”

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