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Tanzania – Singida 1

Singida 1

About The Project

The project is being implemented along the Singida-Mwanza highway approximately 45 minutes west of Singida Town. Cash crops include sunflower, okra, tomato, onion and maize grown on 1-4 acres of land. People in this area are relatively poor and rely on subsistence farming for their livelihood.

General Information

Year Started:


Number of Farmers in Project:


% of Farmers by Gender:

44% men, 56% women

Current Project Year:

Year 3 of 4

Singida 1 At A Glance

1.3 million

Total Trees to be Planted


Total Indirect Beneficiaries


Total Acres Planted in Forest Gardens

The Training We Provide in Singida 1

Forest Garden Design

Growing Agroforestry Seedlings

Outplanting Agroforestry Seedlings

Permagardening for the Family

Composting and Integrated Pest Management

Forest Garden Review and Planning

Growing Fruit Tree Seedlings

Planting Fruit Tree Seedlings

Permagardening for the Market

Field Optimization

Growing Timber Trees and Perennials

Permagardening for the Future


Advanced Optimization

Pruning and Harvesting Trees

Sustainability Planning

Benefits For Farmers

This project benefits farmers by increasing household food security through diversifying food production. The project also increases household resilience to economic instability through diversifying production of market-driven agricultural products. Farmers in this project see increased productivity of rural landscapes through the establishment of environmentally responsible agricultural systems and planting trees to improve soil fertility and restore environmental health

Donate To Trees For The Future

Your donation has a direct impact on the earth and lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you give families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system. Your donation not only sustains and empowers them, but also changes their lives forever.