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Kenya – Ikinu 1

Ikinu 1

About The Project

Ikinu has great potential in both dairy and vegetable production. Despite this potential, farmers are faced with acute levels of poverty levels due to diminishing farm size plots per family. This has led to poor utilization of the land and the soils have continued to deteriorate. Ikinu is also an area faced with low information flow on market channels - famers aren’t able to determine when its best to sell which cash crops.

Dairy farming is the main source of income in the area. A large part of the Forest Garden approach deals with agroforestry trees that also give excellent fodder for livestock. By establishing fodder trees as living fences throughout the Forest Garden, the farmers have the potential to reap and earn more from their cows in terms of quality milk production. Currently, dairy farmers in Ikinu pay high rates for purchased cow feed, which the protein-rich fodder trees can supplement. The Forest Garden was also seen as a remedy for supporting growing families on increasingly shrinking arable land. The Forest Garden will maximize the profits from intensely grown vegetables, crops, fruits and other tree products.

General Information

Year Started:


Project families:


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Trees planted since the beginning of the project


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Acres in Forest Gardens

What We'll Grow in Year Two

Timber Trees

Vitex keniesis, Markahamia lutea, Jacaranda mimosofila, S. Campanulata, Cordia Africana, Grevellia robusta, Ricinus communis


Spinach, Kale (Sukuma wiki), Climbing beans


Sweet potato vines, Sunflower, Tissue culture banana plants
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The Training We Provide

Forest garden design

Nursery establishment and management

Out planting – potting, direct sowing, and soil conservation techniques

Vegetable and fruit tree nursery

Grafting and value addition

Composting and identification of local recipes

Animal feed formulation and conservation

Gardening for the market

Benefits For Farmers

From the Forest Garden approach, the farmer will largely benefit from a reduced cost and diversity in milk production hence an increase in the profit margin, and as well as a sustainable farming method that fully meets the basic needs of the family. They will be able to produce more quality milk at very low cost and hence the returns will grow. The quality vegetables and fruits will fetch better market prices not to mention improved health status. Parents will be able to send their children to school and colleges with ease. The introduced tree species which are rich in nutrient fixation will greatly heal the already nutrient depleted soils that will gradually improve on production.

A forest garden therefore in Ikinu is a remedy and a unique practice in that the results are readily seen as transforming the living standards of the participating farmers. In Ikinu it is practiced under our theme “More milk, More money. More organic farming, better health.”

Donate To Trees For The Future

Your donation has a direct impact on the earth and lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you give families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system. Your donation not only sustains and empowers them, but also changes their lives forever.