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Uganda – Kole


Lead Technician - Kole

About The Project

Located in the Lango sub region and along the dry Karamoja region, Kole's ecological structure is semi-arid with short scattered trees and shrubs. The area has just emerged out of the Lord's Resistance Army insurgency, which has left many homeless and without a reliable source of income. Kole residents are living in poverty and regularly experience poor housing conditions as well as poor access to regular, nutritional meals.

Agriculture in Kole is largely made up of annual crops, including cereals and legumes, which leave the land bare after harvest season. This common farming practice led to extensive destruction of vegetation and tree cover in the region. The families rely on wood for cooking and construction material. One of the major cash crops in the area is tobacco which also requires fuel wood for the curing process. The lack of perennial crops means that farmers are largely food insecure and in need of opportunity.

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Male: 62%, Female: 38%

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Meet the Kole Staff

Ibrahim Ocira

Lead Technician - Kole
Ibrahim has 6 years of experience in community development and agroforestry practice in Uganda. He has also volunteered working with local government and the scout’s movement. He has a diploma in social work social administration.

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