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Senegal – Koungheul 3

Koungheul 3

Lead Technician - Koungheul 3

About the Project

The town of Koungheul is in central Senegal. This project takes place in the southern portion of the region from the town of Koungheul to the border with the Gambia. The zone is very arid and seasonally food insecure. This is the third project Trees for the Future has started in Koungheul.

General Information

Year started:


# of farmers in project:


% of women and men participants:

73.2% Male, 26.7% Female

Current project phase:


Koungheul 3 at a Glance

Total trees to be planted:


Total people helped:


Meet Koungheul 3's Lead Technitian

Mor Anta Sall

Lead Technician - Koungheul 3
Mor has loved practicing agriculture since he was a child. He started working in 2006 at UCEM as an accountant; then development facilitator until 2018, then Mor raised chickens and turkeys after he was coordinator of a local agriculture project in Koungheul for eight months while he volunteered for Trees for the Future from 2015 to 2018. In March 2019 Mor became the Lead Technician of Koungheul 3.

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