Uganda – Lira

Richard Ssali Kaggwa

Lead Technician - Lira

About The Project

Lira was affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels. Most of the families survive mainly on cereals and root tubers, and many children in the area are malnourished. Tree cover was very minimal, and the area was covered with scattered thickets and short bushes. The people settled after the long insurgency and consequently are opening up land for farming and settlement. As a result, vegetation, including trees, has been cleared to create farmland and the demand for fuelwood and charcoal is growing rapidly.

General Information

Year Started:


# Farmers in Project:


% of Farmers by Gender:

Male: 51%, Female: 49%

Current Project Phase:

Year 3 will start April 2018

Number of trainings since beginning of project


Lira At A Glance


Total Trees Planted


Total Indirect Beneficiaries


Total Hectares Planted in Forest Gardens

What We’ve Grown Since the Start of Lira


Pumpkin, Green Pepper, Onions, Amaranth, Eggplant


Soybeans, Maize, Sunflower, Sesame, Cassava, Legumes, Sweet potato

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The Training We’ve Provided Since the Start of Lira

Forest Garden Design

Growing Agroforestry Seedlings

Outplanting Agroforestry Seedlings

Permagardening for the Family

Forest Garden Review and Planning

Growing Fruit Tree Seedlings

Planting Fruit Tree Seedlings

Permagardening for the Market

Field Optimization

Integrated Pest Management



Benefits For Farmers

Benefits for farmers include: acquisition of Forest Garden establishment and management knowledge and skills through various trainings to farmers, ability to produce their own fuel wood from their surroundings to reduce the dependency on existing forests, and the generation income and improve nutrition with the variety of vegetables, crops and tree products harvested year-round on the same plot.

Meet our Lead Technician

Richard Ssali Kaggwa

Lead Technician - Lira
Richard is one of TREES’ longest staff in East Africa, since 2011. He is very driven, meets goals and adheres to deadlines consistently and has therefore been a team builder and mentor for other TREES staff.He holds a bachelors in Information Technology and taught secondary school for many years.

He has also been involved with youth in Uganda as a member of International Scout and Guide Fellowship, serving as Secretary for the Africa Regional Committee. He has also been a member of the Technical Committee of Uganda Badminton Association, handling the IT section running their tournament planner software for whenever there are international and national matches. Richard is has volunteered with the Uganda Red Cross Society as First Aider, and is a Community Drug Distributor.

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Your donation has a direct impact on the earth and lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you give families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system. Your donation not only sustains and empowers them, but also changes their lives forever.