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Uganda – Lira


Lead Technician - Lira

About The Project

Families in Lira survive mostly on cereals and root tubers and malnourishment is a common issue for children in the area. Thickets and short bushes scatter the landscape in Lira, but tree cover is minimal. Vegetation, including trees, has been cleared to create farmland and the demand for fuelwood and charcoal is growing rapidly.

Today, participants of the Lira project are using their Forest Gardens and agroforestry techniques to repair their degraded land. They're now growing planting of food and resources to consume or sell for a steady income.

General Information

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% of Farmers by Gender:

Male: 47%, Female: 53%

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Let’s Get Planting

Your donation has a direct impact on the earth and lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you give families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a flourishing Forest Garden system. Your donation not only helps the environment, but it also empowers farmers to end poverty for their families.