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Cameroon – Nlonako


Executive Director of ERuDEF

About the Project

Nlonako is home to the Giant Frog and a primary focus of conservation efforts. Mt. Nlonako is the most reptilian species rich area in Africa. TREES is working with farmers in this landscape to plant Forest Gardens near existing indigenous forests as buffers to prevent further deforestation and pressure on the forest and amphibian habitat.

General Information

Year started:


# of farmers in project:


% of women and men participants:

96% male, 4% female

Current project phase:


Nlonako at a Glance

Total trees to be planted:


Total people helped:


Meet the Nlonako Staff

Louis Nkembi

Executive Director of ERuDEF
Louis is the Founder and President/CEO of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDEF and manages the relationship between TREES and ERuDEF. He is a resource management economist with over 21 years of experience in conservation, rural development and community-based project development and management. Research and field experience areas include social aspects of biodiversity conservation, agroforestry development, anthropology, agricultural development, project development, planning, monitoring and evaluation, community-based forestry management, forestry governance and environmental policy,

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