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The original craft spirit

The Stillery is a young dynamic craft distillery located in Amsterdam’s harbor area. It is there where organic craft spirits are created as they were once made by pioneers of the past. The Stillery is the first distillery in a long time within the Netherlands to reignite the old ways of craft-distilling. Where other distilleries use bought alcohol from big alcohol plants, The Stillery makes its own alcohol from actual malted grain. This start to finish approach is within the spirits business often referred to as “from grain to glass” and is implemented for all spirits within The Stillery’s Portfolio. Making alcohol completely in-house. Gives The Stillery a right to claim they craft spirits as they were once made, hence “The Original Craft Spirit”.

The Stillery Amsterdam makes gin, genever, and vodka from locally sourced organic grain. The Stillery uses spelt grain, an ancient less cultivated grain species, for the vodka and our special “old hop” genever ( made with a variety of fresh hops). The Stillery’s Gin is made with alcohol from a mixture of rye and wheat, The alcohol is then re-distilled with a multitude of local flowers. A special herb basket is used during our distillation process which allows for the extraction of the flowery essence from the fragile floral botanicals to truly capture the taste of an endless summer. The ingredients range from the root of the rhubarb and angelica to the flowers of the common daisy the purple mallow, the common poppy a bit of jasmine and a personal favorite, rosehip. All ingredients are always organic and locally sourced.

The Stillery started as a vodka brand in 2015 and has grown to become a full-fledged distillery in the 4 years that followed. Starting out in a small attic of a student home you shouldn’t worry much much about the carbon footprint your endeavors leaf behind. But as the company grows the carbon footprint does too, and although locally produced The Stillery’s spirits are exported throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Through the collaboration with, The Stillery compensates for the carbon released through transportation and production of our goods.

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