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Mgonzo Dunia Ally

Mr. Mgonzo Dunia Ally is experienced in working with the public and private agricultural sectors. He received his Diploma in Education in 1996 and worked as a Teacher in private and public secondary schools. In 2005 he received his BSc. (Agricultural Education and Extension), Following his undergraduate degree, he worked as Agricultural Tutor in public and private Agricultural training Institutes. In 2009 he returned to University to pursue a Master Degree in Agricultural Education and Extension, After attaining his Master degree, he worked in Sugar cane and Tea Outgrowers schemes, Mr. Mgonzo also worked as a Senior Agronomist with Great African Company the company which was dedicated in production and marketing of cereal and pulse crops. Mr. Mgonzo joined Tree For the Future in December 2019; he is working as a Country Training Coordinator.

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