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ONE SHOT is a NAUTILUS AWARD-WINNING BOOK for the Ecology and Environment Category!

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All proceeds go to Trees for the Future.



One Shot is a 2017 NAUTILUS AWARD WINNER for the Ecology and Environment Category! 

Over the last 40 years, entire one-shot-final-for-e-bookcountries have been stripped of a primary natural resource: trees. Most deforestation has occurred to make room for agriculture. Yet, in the coming decade, there will be nearly 2 billion undernourished people.

There is a constant pressure to trade more forests for food.  One Shot: Trees as Our Last Chance for Survival provides a compelling look at the state of the world’s agriculture and its evolving impact on people and the environment. One Shot takes readers on an evolving journey from the peanut fields of Africa to the corn fields of America; connecting seven of the world’s most pressing challenges to farming practices, and offering the revival of forest gardens as a core agricultural solution.

Drawing on 15 years of humanitarian work with communities on the verge of collapse, John Leary conveys how restoring agricultural lands with a diverse combination of trees and crops is the answer to reversing desertification, water scarcity, hunger, poverty, climate change and forced migration. In the coming decades we have One Shot to work together to rebuild our dying food systems and ecosystems.

Discover how trees are our last chance for survival. 


All proceeds go to Trees for the Future.



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