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Cultivate a better world for humanity and nature

As the pandemic continues, it is crucial to ensure food access for vulnerable communities while continuing to protect and repair our planet. Forest Gardens provide both – right in families’ backyards… and donors make it possible. By becoming a member of the Sustainer Circle, our monthly giving community, you will plant trees and change lives all year long by giving whatever you can each month.

farmers have the power,
we have the training,
you are the key
farmers have the power, we have the training, you are the key

We train farmers over a four year period to sustainably revitalize their land. Through our Forest Garden Approach, farmers plant thousands of trees that protect and bring nutrients back to the soil. This helps farmers grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. Forest Garden farmers gain increases in income and food security, even in the first year. Read More
Before Launch


We identify ~200 farming families in need, select training technicians, and prepare materials for launch.

Years 1-2


Farmers plant ~2,500 fast-growing trees and bushes that create a protective and soil-stabilizing barrier.

Years 2-3


Farmers learn to diversify their field with a vegetable and fruit tree portfolio to meet the family’s priority nutritional and selling needs.

Years 3-4


Farmers learn about advanced Forest Garden management and conservation to optimize the long-term health and productivity of the land.

Year 4


We implement a sustainability strategy for the future with each farmer. A graduation ceremony is held to celebrate the farmers’ program completion.

With the help of trees and training, our approach has an incredible impact on people and the planet, all thanks to our supporters.

Trees planted since 1989

Estimated acres restored*

Lives changed*

*Data collection for these metrics began in 2014 when we launched our robust monitoring and evaluation program.