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They have the potential.
We have the knowledge.
You are the key.

Katakel, Senegal
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Your contribution helps families to help themselves.

Reasons To Help

When You Plant Trees

You create educational opportunities for children.

You empower women.

You build strong communities.

When You Plant Trees

You permanently increase the income of poor farmers.

You help families to feed themselves.

You provide permanent and seasonal employment.

When You Plant Trees

You provide fuel wood so villagers don’t need to cut down trees.

When You Plant Trees

You create fodder to feed livestock.

When You Plant Trees

You give the world a way to

end the battle between farms and forests

to revitalize and improve soil quality.

When You Plant Trees

You reverse environmental degradation

restore biodiversity

and remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

When You Plant Trees

You change people’s lives for the better. Forever.

Who Have We Helped?

"I get more from my two acre Forest Garden than I could get from six acres of peanut crop. My sons have a future now, and as I age, trees will continue to feed my family."
Mate Mbaye

Ousmane Willane and his family

Keur Lahine Lobe, Senegal
Ousmane Willane and his family "Before planting trees, I had no money and I had no purpose.”
Ousmane Willane

Donate To Trees For The Future

Your donation has a direct impact on the earth and lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you give families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system. Your donation not only sustains and empowers them, but also changes their lives forever.