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Why trees?

Trees transform lives & landscapes

Unsustainable land use is at the root of our most pressing challenges. Trees have the power to support communities, improve lives, and restore the planet.

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When you plant trees

You’re protecting the planet

The Forest Garden Approach restores degraded land, captures carbon, improves biodiversity, and prevents future unsustainable land use practices.

When you plant trees

You’re ending hunger

The average Forest Garden is home to dozens of food crops, providing access to diverse, nutrient-rich meals year round.

When you plant trees

You’re ending poverty

Fruit and vegetables aren’t the only income generating resources in a Forest Garden. Farmers are known to start businesses selling seeds and seedlings, honey, soap, timber, and more.

When you plant trees

You’re empowering women

Farmer groups in our program are required to be composed of at least 30% women. Most exceed that benchmark, with many led by or composed entirely of women farmers.


TREES by the Numbers

Trees Planted

Forest Gardens are home to 2,500+ trees and dozens of species, all planted by the farmer.

People Impacted

Sustainably restored land offers a regular supply of food and income for the whole family.

Acres restored

We’re not just planting trees. Forest Gardens sustainably restore degraded farmland.

Your support can plant trees and change lives

Our community of donors makes our impact possible. Explore your options for supporting Trees for the Future and join our movement for people and planet today.

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