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Sidy Ba

Sidy Ba lives in Senegal. He’s had a forest garden for the past 3 years with a mix of eggplant and several types of trees. He sells 200 pounds of eggplant per week and it’s his main source of income.

Sidy Ba’s forest garden also includes Papaya trees, thorny Acacia trees (to protect from intruding livestock) and pigeon pea trees, to slow the wind, provide nutritional food, and fodder for animals. Both trees are also nitrogen fixing and fast growing to improve the soil quality.

A pigeon pea tree produces nutritious pods (similar to green beans). The tree produces these pods, leaves for fodder, and the roots are nitrogen-fixing.

Sidy and Son

Sidy is now able to bring in enough money to send his kids to school. Here you see Sidy and his son Barbacara and one of the Papaya Trees he planted 3 years ago.

Babacara helps his dad after school. Sidy Ba is now starting a second forest garden in a field about 1/2 mile from his first.

This second Forest Garden will contain many more fruit trees (mangoes, citrus, cashews).

Sidy and New Garden - Forest Garden Training Program

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