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Certification Challenge


Trees for the Future Offers Free, Guided Training During Lockdown

Trees for the Future Certification Challenge makes the most out of social distancing

Silver Spring, MD (April 22, 2020) – Regenerative agroforestry nonprofit Trees for the Future and their Forest Garden Training Center launched a series of free training webinars on Wednesday in their first ever Forest Garden Certification Challenge.

Trees for the Future trains smallholder farmers in what is called the Forest Garden Approach, a regenerative agroforestry model that protects land, diversifies crops, and optimizes space. Their United Nations recognized Forest Garden Practitioner Certification is widely known and respected throughout the international development and agroforestry communities. Certification ensures mastery of agroforestry skills and provides industry knowledge and credentials to lead climate adaptation and sustainable agriculture events and workshops. 

“Our training and certification are incredibly valuable resources for people working with smallholder farmers in the developing world and for those wishing to embrace a more sustainable approach to agriculture,” says Trees for the Future Deputy Director of Training Elizabeth Moore. “COVID-19 has halted much of the inperson development and agricultural work around the world and many field actors are stuck at home.  We thought this would be a perfect time to offer this training resource to people at home so that they can gain knowledge, build professional credentials, and get certified.” 

The Forest Garden Certification Challenge begins Earth Day, April 22nd and ends on World Environment Day, June 5th. The six week challenge period includes weekly webinar reviews and study guides to help participants get the most out of the certification. All resources, study guides and virtual training center membership are free, as is attending the weekly Q&A sessions. 

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“We’ve never done a guided study webinar series before,” says Moore. “Beyond our in person trainings for our field programs, we provide a lot of resources online, but it is up to the participant to set aside time to study and familiarize themselves with the content on their own. But over the next six weeks, my colleagues and I will be right there with participants, guiding study, answering questions and providing support. Going through this process as a global cohort, with participants from around the world, also creates a great sense of community.”

The Certification Challenge is targeted towards those studying and working in the field of agriculture, natural resources and development: farmers, students, volunteers, government and NGO workers alike. While the webinar sessions are conducted in English, all written resources and the exam are also available in French.  The Challenge will end with all participants being encouraged to take the certification exam on World Environment Day (June 5th). For the week of World Environment Day, the certification exam can be taken at a reduced cost: Free for RPCVs, Corps Africa members, and those from and living in the Global South. Everyone else will have the opportunity to take the exam at a reduced cost of $22.

To learn more about the Forest Garden Training Center and the Forest Garden Practitioner Certification, visit


Trees for the Future is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit working to end hunger, poverty, and deforestation by training smallholder farmers in the Forest Garden Approach. The Forest Garden Training Center is a part of Trees for the Future and strives to train agroforestry practitioners in the Forest Garden Approach.

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