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Black Lives Matter

Written by Trees for the Future
We are outraged and heartbroken by the murder of George Floyd and by the systemic racism that is perpetuating the inhumane treatment and killing of Black people. 

We stand with the families of every person of color killed by police, wrongly incarcerated, or over sentenced.

We stand with each and every one of our Black colleagues, supporters, and beneficiaries in the US and across the globe in the fight against systemic racism.

We stand for equality, justice, and basic human rights.

But we recognize that standing and feeling are not enough. We know that we must take this energy and put it into action for the long term. As we have seen, and many have said, there is work to be done by all of us. As an organization, we are taking a hard look at what we can do to end white supremacy and hold ourselves accountable to our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and all people of color.

We are committing to humanity, humility, and internal change as an organization and urging our White staff members to do the work as individuals. Yesterday, we began the overdue conversation about racism, inclusion, and justice by holding a meeting with our global staff. This was just the first step in a long process, but it served as a start to the conversation and a safe space for team members to share their experiences, to listen, and feel supported.

We believe that change is possible because we have seen so many of our own supporters make and be the change. We’ve seen people lean into the discomfort and act on their human nature to do good.

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Various members of our staff pulled together the resources below to provide guidance and opportunities for action. 

Black Lives Matter

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund


Color of Change


Equal Justice Initiative

Brennan Center for Justice

Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Campaign Zero

31 Children’s books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance

The New Jim Crow

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