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World Soil Day

We get it, soil doesn’t seem like the most interesting topic. But it’s important and in peril. That’s why the UN named December 5th World Soil Day in 2014, in hopes that soil would gain the attention it deserves.

Why is soil important? 

Soil is essential to grow our trees and our food.

Why is everyone talking about soil?

Without soil, our ability to feed ourselves and heal our planet is nearly impossible. 70% of our topsoil is gone and it’s estimated that there are  60 years of farmable soil left

Where did it all go?

Deforestation, harmful farming practices, and urbanization have degraded soil and its vital capabilities that provide nutrients and moisture to what we plant.

What can be done?

The good news is that we can change the outlook of the future of our soil!

As we integrate regenerative agriculture and agroforestry into our farming practices urbanization and deforestation lessens. Trees root systems will hold our soil in place and moisture and micronutrients will provide the foundation for rich, thriving ecosystems across the planet. In addition, trees’ “leaf litter” provides nitrogen – which is very helpful for the ground below.

How you can help

Trees for the Future is focused on soil regeneration on World Soil Day and every day as we help farmers build up their degraded land. When you give to Trees for the Future you are doing so much more than just planting trees, you are restoring land, our food systems, and our hope for a better future. You are sustainably planting people out of poverty.

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