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Planting our way to 2030

One Billion Trees by 2030

There is a critical need to restore our ecosystems to secure the future of the planet and everyone on it. This starts with restoring farmlands that embrace trees instead of clearing them.

Our Plan for 2030

Trees for the Future is a United Nations World Restoration Flagship!

As a UN World Restoration Flagship, TREES is recognized as one of the best large-scale ecosystem restoration efforts on the planet. The prestigious Flagship award is part of an effort by the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration to ensure that measurable progress is made on the UN’s environmental goals by 2030. 

Why 1 billion trees?

There is a critical need to restore our ecosystems to secure the future of the planet and everyone on it…

and time is running out. Farmland is one of our most precious ecosystems that not only feed the world but also directly impact the health of our planet and the communities they are in.

Why 1 billion trees?

Unsustainable land use is the leading cause of the climate crisis, but sustainable agriculture can reverse the damage and protect people and landscapes long term and big goals like this are essential to making that happen.

In order to ensure our planet and people thrive, we know the solution has to include a sustainable and equitable food system, and this starts with restoring farmlands that embrace trees instead of clearing them.

How will we achieve this goal?

For communities, in communities, by communities. It is essential that local communities are involved in sustainable and healthy change for themselves and our planet. Over the next decade, we will use our training program to plant 1 billion trees through the Forest Garden approach and other strategic planting initiatives. We will cultivate more of our projects across the regions we currently serve, collaborate with other on-the-ground organizations, and train graduate farmers from our program to pass their knowledge and training to their community members.

Let’s Get Planting

What we do in the next ten years will make all the difference for people and the planet and we must work together to make lasting change happen.

1 billion by 2030

Our 2030 Partners

The Arbor Day Foundation generously donates to us to implement Forest Gardens across Africa.

We are an official implementing partner for the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

The Great Green Wall is a global initiative to stop desertification in Africa’s Sahel. We currently work together in Mali and Senegal.
The United Nations Institute for Training and Research collaborates with and endorses our training program in the field.

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