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Program Advisory Coucil

Trees for the Future’s advisory council includes members from across sectors of international development, agriculture, restoration, and more. The advisory council’s purpose is to work closely with the nonprofit’s team to navigate the direction of the nonprofit over the next decade.

Members of the Advisory Council
● Pape Gaye (Former President/CEO of IntraHealth, Founder of Baobab Institute)
● Jean Gilson (Senior Vice President, Global Strategy, DAI)
● Nicole Nunoo (PhD Student, Virginia Tech, Department of Agricultural Leadership and Community Education)
● Regis Oubida (Forestry Engineer, Burkina Faso National Tree Seed Center)
● Mihayo Wilmore (Co-Founder, Twigalpha)

Facilitating members of the Advisory Council

● Paul Guenette (Former President, ACDI/VOCA)
● Ariana Constant (Director, Clinton Foundation)
● Brandy Lellou (Programs Director, TREES)

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