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Trees for the Future Brand Partnership Application


In this partnership model businesses will commit to plant a certain number of trees for every product or service sold. The partnering business will be responsible for sending consistent period reports accounting for the amount of trees they have pledged to plant, and then send a check for that amount of trees to Trees for the Future at the rate no less than 25 cents per tree (USD $0.25). Plant a Tree partners begin with a minimum initial contribution of $5,000 USD. 


Through the Adopt-a-Project partnership model, businesses dedicated to support a community by entering into a multi-year commitment to help sponsor a new or current project. Projects consist of 150-600 farming families and plant millions of trees over 4 years. At any given time, Trees for the Future has multiple projects and thousands of families in our pipeline awaiting sufficient funding.  For a four year annual commitment of $60,000 USD (full project) or $20-30,000 USD (partial project) can be the official sponsor of a Forest Garden project that restores degraded lands, provides economic growth opportunity, and brings about sustained food security for individuals and families in need.  

Charity of Choice

For companies that wish to support TREES but cannot yet afford the initial $5,000 contribution, we also offer the opportunity to support us as your "Charity of Choice." This model starts with a minimum contribution of $500 USD, and are provided a smaller package of assets to use to communicate their support of the TREES mission. These partners are not officially recognized on the website until they have reached official partner status.

Company Description is to be used on your company's individual page in "Our Sponsors" section. 
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Donation Period Guidelines

Please note that these guidelines are designed to maximize Trees for the Future staff productivity in planting trees and changing lives.  We have a small team that packs a big punch.  Please help us to plant more trees by providing us with consistent reporting. 


Please confirm when we should expect the report/donation for the previous Month.  


Please confirm the four dates that we should expect your report/donation for the previous Quarter. 


Please confirm the two dates that we should expect your report/donation for the previous Six Months. 


Please confirm the date that we should expect your report/donation for the previous Year. 


We will send you automatic donation reminders one week prior to our agreed upon reporting dates.  Upon receiving these notices, we expect to hear back from our Partners within 14 days.   In this period, if no report and/or request for extension are provided by our Partner Companies, we reserve the right to remove Partner listings from our partnership page. 

Additional Expectations

We will become a brand partner and communicate all aspects of the partnership to Trees for the Future. In turn, Trees for the Future will provide information to us regarding the projects supported through the partnership.

We will clearly convey that all tree planting work is being conducted by Trees for the Future, for the benefit of the local communities served by Trees for the Future.

We agree to provide written notice to Trees for the Future of any intent to mention Trees for the Future or its work in our public materials.

Any use of Trees for the Future’s logo, language, photos, and marketing materials must first receive written consent from Trees for the Future.


Any usage of Trees for the Future’s logo, photographs, videos, project information, technical information and other branded material is only allowed after an initial donation is received.

If my business/organization ceases making donations, any continued use of Trees for the Future’s logo, photographs, videos, project information, technical information and other branded material must clearly state the year in which the work was completed.

Thank you so much for signing up to be a partner with Trees for the Future and we hope to begin making an impact with you very soon.


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