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Trees for the Future is working with thousands of Ugandan farmers, many of whom are still feeling the effects of civil conflicts dating back to the 90’s. Many Ugandans were displaced by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army, and while many have since returned to their homes, the upheavel has had lasting impact on food and income security.

With training from local TREES staff, Ugandan farmers are learning how to create resilient farming systems that can sustainably support them and their families for generations to come.

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Stories from Uganda

The Power of Education


In early 2020, Zedrack Guloba’s youngest child was at home during the days. The Ugandan farmer’s crops hadn’t been doing well, so Zedrack was unable to cover the cost of sending his son to… Read More

The People Behind the Mission: Sharon Obote


When Sharon Obote joined Trees for the Future (TREES) in July 2019, she became the first woman to join TREES’ Uganda staff.   Since she joined the team more than two years ago, she has… Read More

Overcoming Loss through Agroforestry


Waneloba Loy is a nursery school teacher in Mount Elgon, Uganda. When schools closed in early 2020 because of COVID-19, the 64-year-old was out of work. At the same time, she was adjusting to… Read More

Lake Victoria Floods Update


Ugandan farmer Loyce Ajambo was one of millions of people affected by record-breaking flooding around Lake Victoria in 2020. From March to as late as August in some areas of the Lake Victoria basin,… Read More

One Dad’s Mission to Build a Better Future for his Kids


Joseck Wafula is a hardworking father of 11 from a small Ugandan village called Budibya West. He is the lead farmer for Buyosi Farmer Group, one of several farmer groups in Trees for the Future’s… Read More

Growing Trees and a Support System


Ajambo Jofania has overcome more than the average farmer. Although she grew up in a farming family and learned to farm from a young age, she has had a hard time accessing the resources and support… Read More

45 New Projects


TREES FOR THE FUTURE TO PLANT 50 MILLION TREES IN 2021 14,000+ farmers in nine countries to use agroforestry to reach goal SILVER SPRING, MD (March 3, 2021) - International development nonprofit… Read More

Farmer Embraces Agroforestry at 66 and Transforms his Land


When Francis Adupa joined nonprofit Trees for the Future (TREES) four years ago, he says he saw it as a chance to start over at 66 years old. And he was right. As one of the oldest farmers in the… Read More

Agroforestry Students Become the Teachers in Plant it Forward Program


Regenerative agroforestry nonprofit Trees for the Future (TREES) is built on education and training, they teach farmers how to sustainably improve their land for the good of the farmer and the… Read More

Ugandan Farmer Finds Success Despite COVID-19


Six months ago, 40-year old Ugandan farmer Nangira Mary was struggling to feed her family of 12. Today, she is growing enough food to feed the entire household and earn a living. Nangira joined… Read More

The People Behind the Mission: Meet Richard Ssali Kaggwa


Richard Ssali Kaggwa is transforming Ugandan agriculture. As Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Uganda Country Trainer Kaggwa is helping to train an entire generation of Ugandan farmers in agroforestry… Read More

The Forest Garden: An Unsung Hero


Poor nutrition and food insecurity have rocked rural areas across Africa for years and, at the same time, smallholder farmers are seeing less success in the increasingly challenging world of… Read More

Lake Victoria Flooding


East Africa’s rainy season this year wreaked havoc on the region from March to May, causing destructive and deadly flash floods, landslides and sinkholes. More than 481,000 people are now displaced… Read More

Will the COVID-19 Economic Crisis Hit Nonprofits and Their Beneficiaries?


The Great Recession brought two years of reduced charitable giving in the US   COVID-19 has brought daily routines to a screeching halt around the world. It has changed the way we live,… Read More

Humanity with Nature: A Farmer Series


Humans and nature are intrinsically linked. Explore our Humanity with Nature series to meet some human beings who are setting an example for restoring, protecting, and preserving nature.   … Read More

20 New Projects


Trees for the Future Launches 20 New Projects Training 8,000+ Farmers, Planting Millions of Trees   Silver Spring, MD (April 30, 2020) - Regenerative agroforestry nonprofit Trees for the… Read More

8 Women Making Strides in African Agriculture


8 Women Making Strides in African Agriculture and Why it Matters As with many male-dominant industries, it has been historically difficult for women to excel in agriculture. Around the globe, women… Read More

Desert Locusts


Are Forest Gardens a Match for Desert Locusts? Forest Garden farmers in East Africa are anxiously awaiting the growing desert locust swarms plaguing the Horn of Africa for the last two months. The… Read More

Ugandan Farmer Carol’s Success


Written by Charity Nalwoga - February 18, 2020 Ugandan Farmer Ends Food Scarcity for Her Family and Community In Aboke, Uganda, a modest restaurant serves locals breakfast, lunch and dinner. Carol… Read More

Training of Trainers, Uganda, June 2019


Trees for the Future (TREES) invited 16 agriculture and forestry professionals to the Training of Trainers (ToT) in Mbale, Uganda including: future technicians, three partner cooperatives, and… Read More

Meet Brandy Lellou, Director of Programs


Get to know Trees for the Future's Director of Programs Brandy Lellou Written by Brandy Lellou In 2005, after just returning from seven years working in the northwest African desert country of… Read More

Teaching a Man to Fish


Teaching a Man to Fish: How Trees for the Future Trains Farmers for Sustainable Change Building An Educational Support System Trees for the Future’s collaborative, educational approach to… Read More

Forest Gardens and Beekeeping: Friends with Benefits


July 17, 2017 By Elizabeth Norikane, East Africa Communications Specialist   Honeybees contribute to more than a third of all agricultural production, significantly enhance biodiversity, and… Read More

A Recipe for Success: Natural Pesticide in Uganda


Mixing a few common plants and materials found around her home, Ajok Lilly has found a way to naturally keep bugs and pests away from her garden. Ajok Lilly explained she was skeptical when she… Read More