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A Plan for Their Land, a Plan for the Planet

Beneath the shade of the trees she planted herself, Rosemary Adika lists all the things growing on her Kenyan farm.  “Many different types of tree species; palm trees, avocado, mango. I grow maize, cassava.”  The list is far from exhaustive. At last count, she had 17 different food and market crops growing on her land … Continued

Betty’s Forest Garden Plan

Betty Mwihava is the sole provider for her family. A widow with three children, Betty depends on her Iringa, Tanzania farm to provide for her household.   In 2022, Betty’s farm was noticeably degraded with very poor soil. Betty didn’t have a reliable source of income and her family didn’t have regular access to nutritious foods. … Continued

Catona Climate to Deliver Microsoft 350,000 Tonnes of Carbon Removal through Agroforestry Project

Catona Climate to Deliver Microsoft 350,000 Tonnes of Carbon Removal through Agroforestry Project Agreement demonstrates shared commitment to high-integrity projects that, beyond sequestering carbon, support biodiversity and benefit local communities long term LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21, 2024 — Catona Climate, a global climate finance company, today announced that Microsoft has signed a six-year offtake agreement to … Continued

Trees for the Future recognized as a UN World Restoration Flagship 

Nairobi, 13 February 2024 – When Africa’s fertile terrains become drylands, farmers are thrown into poverty and biodiversity shrinks. Trees for the Future (TREES) is successfully reversing this trend, assisting hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers in several African countries – from Senegal to Tanzania – to fight soil degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change. … Continued

Lake Victoria Carbon Project Will Deliver 4 Million+ VCUs

Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Lake Victoria Carbon Project is made up of 17,000 Forest Gardens and will deliver over 4 million Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) over the life of the project. The first-of-its-kind project is funded by Catona Climate. The high-impact climate finance company announced their $21 million investment in TREES in 2023. This … Continued

VSLA Trainings Help Thousands of Forest Gardeners Build Their Wealth

Nuriati Jumanne Mpinda doesn’t have access to a bank or traditional financial support services.   “I didn’t have that capacity to save money,” Nuriati says. “All the money I got was immediately used to buy basic needs.”  Limited Access to Financial Services Perpetuates Poverty For farmers like Nuriati, limited or nonexistent access to financial services and … Continued

David’s Forest Garden is Making All the Difference

When David Abach joined Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden Training Program in 2020, he identified roughly half a hectare of his Kenyan farm to convert into a Forest Garden. He quickly started learning about a sustainable agroforestry technique called the Forest Garden Approach from local Trees for the Future (TREES) staff.   A Better Farm … Continued

The Connection Between Food Systems and the Environment

Transportation, plastic pollution, clothing and consumer products… all these things and more are contributors to ongoing environmental degradation on a global scale. But one (very large) contributor doesn’t always get the attention it deserves – food systems.  The rise of industrialized agriculture in the 1900’s paved the way for clear cutting trees, spraying chemicals and … Continued

These Drones Are Advancing Environmental Restoration

As Mohamed Limo tends to his farm in Singida, Tanzania, there is a soft humming overhead. A drone is methodically circling the one-acre plot, taking detailed photos of the trees, shrubs, and crops covering his land.  Mohamed is part of Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Forest Garden training program. TREES trains farmers in a regenerative … Continued

Why Agricultural Development Matters for Africa

Africa is home to 54 countries, hundreds of languages, rich cultures and traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. But the continent’s wealth of culture and beauty is often eclipsed by its staggering hunger and poverty rates.  20% of people across the continent are chronically hungry (278 million people) (FAO). In sub-Saharan Africa, 40% of the population is … Continued

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