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Kenya – Homa Bay 1

Homa Bay 1

Lead Technician - Homa Bay

About The Project

Homa Bay is located along the southern shore of Lake Victoria’s Winam Gulf. The county covers an area of 3,183.3 sq km with an estimated population of 963,794 people. The Luo and Abasuba people are the dominant communities in Homa Bay, making up at least 95% of the county’s population.

Homa Bay County is characterized by a rapidly growing population, high population density, falling food production, and low resilience to climate change. The combined effects of climate change and rapid population growth are increasing food insecurity, environmental degradation, and poverty levels in the county. The Forest Garden project will help to mitigate the effects of conventional farming practices including malnutrition and poor soils and harvests.

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68% Female, 31% Male

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Ben Oucho

Lead Technician - Homa Bay
Mr. Oucho has a diploma in forestry management and extension services. He has worked as a field extension officer for local communities to organize and train farmer groups. He also worked as an estate manager for a private social investment group in Homa Bay where he oversaw the preparation and management of a timber plantation, improving processing and infrastructure as well as initiatives such as honey production. He also has training and experience in field surveys, tree nursery establishment and health development programs.

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