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Now more than ever, we need people dedicated to raising awareness about the causes that are fighting for a more sustainable future.

Unsustainable land use is the leading cause of climate change. There are hundreds of millions of farming families across the world without access to proper training for sustainable farming, leaving them in the cycle of poverty and environmental decay.

The good news is that we have the solution. We work with farmers to plant thousands of trees on their own land that restores their soil. We then train them on sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Farmers are now able to grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables to eat and sell, increasing their access to nutrition and income.

Not only does each Forest Garden capture carbon and increase biodiversity, but it also ends hunger and poverty. With the help of our supporters, we’re growing a more sustainable system to feed the world, build local economies, and better our planet.

By 2030, we are committed to planting 1 billion trees throughout farming communities in developing countries around the world. But we need your help.

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed the incredible impact the streaming community has made on the world. Your ability to raise awareness and generous funds for a cause you care about is truly admirable, especially in challenging times.

We are asking the streaming community to fundraise for our mission. Will you join us?

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