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The Sustainer Circle

The Sustainer Circle is a monthly giving community dedicated to creating a brighter future for farming families and the planet. Join today and make a lasting impact.

Sustainers Change the World

Sustainers show a dedicated commitment to bettering our planet and helping communities for the long-term. They give whatever they can each month to make an impact.

Choose an amount to give monthly


Why giving monthly matters

It keeps the future bright

Each month, your investment will drive initiatives like: tree planting, crop planting, tool delivery, farmer training

It fits your budget

Any amount makes a difference. You choose the donation that works for you while making lasting change.

It helps us plan for the future

Sustained donations enable us to strategically expand and innovate to change more lives and help the planet.

It brings you closer to our work

Your commitment brings you closer to our work through exclusive updates on our progress and your impact.

Meet Sustainer Circle Members

Alice, United Kingdom

“I love Trees for the Future because it works directly to help both people and the planet, and it is sustainable.”

Alice has been a Sustainer since 2019.

Meet our Sustainers

Kaushik, United States

“Trees for the Future has been great since they put donated money to good use and help people in [the] most sensitive areas.”

Kaushik has been a Sustainer since 2019.

Meet our Sustainers

Kevin and Jana, Germany

“This combination of helping the environment, helping people to grow food and teaching them in sustainable farming is what inspired us to be a continued supporter of Trees for the Future.”

Kevin and Jana have been Sustainers since 2019.

Become a Sustainer

The Sustainers Circle is made of hundreds of incredible individuals, just like you, from all around the world. Join today and you’ll get exclusive benefits as a member!

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