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10 Ways to Help People and the Planet While Stuck at Home

10 Ways to Help People and the Planet While Stuck at Home

We get it, being stuck at home can be hard. But Trees for the Future has ten ways you can feel good about helping people and the planet from your couch!

Trees for the Future is working with farmers in developing countries to establish what we call Forest Gardens. We train farmers to protect and revitalize their land with trees, diversify their crops, and optimize their space. When we help farmers plant trees and improve their land, we’re sustainably combatting the root cause of hunger, poverty, and environmental harm. When we acknowledge the relationship between humans and nature, we can improve it and protect it.

While your relationships with others and with nature may be a little off right now, we want to help you tap into it! So, regardless of how you’re handling social distancing and isolation, you’re likely using your phone and the internet to do so. These ten companies will help you get your mind off of quarantine, and they’ll plant trees and help others in the process.

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While you scroll


Before you search any of the companies we’re talking about, switch your search engine to Ecosia. This top-rated search engine was built with the environment in mind. For every search made on Ecosia, they plant one tree. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 


If you’re coping with online shopping, Ibotta is the app for you. When you shop using this digital coupon service, you earn cash back while you save! And when you shop with Ibotta between April 14th and May 14th, you’re helping them plant double the trees with Trees for the Future.


Forest is an app that helps you focus, by getting you to put your phone down. When it’s time to focus, you simply hop on Forest and plant a tree. If you exit the app, your tree will die. As you plant virtual trees in your Forest app, you can start planting real trees with Forest and Trees for the Future!


Step Up Your Self Care Routine

Trinity Oaks Wine

Looking for some wine to enjoy during lockdown? Napa Valley Trinchero Family Estates will ship you your bottles and they plant one tree for every bottle of Trinity Oaks they sell.


When you sign up for Goddess Provisions’ monthly box of self care products and start looking forward to new snacks, books, teas, beauty products, and more. 


Eminence skincare products are free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. Eco-friendly Eminence will plant a tree for each product you purchase.


Financial Support


The economic fallout of the Coronavirus is affecting millions. But our friends at Dave are developing approachable financial products to help the average person get through life. They offer financial support, overdraft protection, and can help you find a job!


Dreaming of the Great Outdoors


If you’re longing to hit the trail with social distancing behind you, Oboz hiking boots are a great fit! They plant a tree for each pair sold.


Need to do a little retail therapy? Check out Timberland and you’ll be helping thousands of people and planting millions of trees.


ENO’s easy to use hammocks will be great for that camping trip you’re planning. They’re so versatile we’re sure you could find a place to hang it while you social distance.


Explore hundreds of other companies that are supporting Trees for the Future and shop our Gifts for Good page to find all the products that plant trees. 

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