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A Plan for Their Land, a Plan for the Planet

Beneath the shade of the trees she planted herself, Rosemary Adika lists all the things growing on her Kenyan farm.  “Many different types of tree species; palm trees, avocado, mango. I grow maize, cassava.”  The list is far from exhaustive. At last count, she had 17 different food and market crops growing on her land … Continued

Catona Climate to Deliver Microsoft 350,000 Tonnes of Carbon Removal through Agroforestry Project

Catona Climate to Deliver Microsoft 350,000 Tonnes of Carbon Removal through Agroforestry Project Agreement demonstrates shared commitment to high-integrity projects that, beyond sequestering carbon, support biodiversity and benefit local communities long term LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21, 2024 — Catona Climate, a global climate finance company, today announced that Microsoft has signed a six-year offtake agreement to … Continued

Lake Victoria Carbon Project Will Deliver 4 Million+ VCUs

Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Lake Victoria Carbon Project is made up of 17,000 Forest Gardens and will deliver over 4 million Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) over the life of the project. The first-of-its-kind project is funded by Catona Climate. The high-impact climate finance company announced their $21 million investment in TREES in 2023. This … Continued

David’s Forest Garden is Making All the Difference

When David Abach joined Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden Training Program in 2020, he identified roughly half a hectare of his Kenyan farm to convert into a Forest Garden. He quickly started learning about a sustainable agroforestry technique called the Forest Garden Approach from local Trees for the Future (TREES) staff.   A Better Farm … Continued

Celebrating 5,500 Forest Garden Graduates

In much of the world, students of all ages and studies are graduating over the next month – celebrating their hard work and successes over years of schooling. The same is true for Forest Garden farmers in Kenya and Tanzania. More than 5,500 farmers celebrated their successful completion of Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Forest Garden … Continued

Cashing in on Crops and Carbon

Tobias Omondi didn’t always feel so optimistic. From his farm in Kisumu, in western Kenya, his outlook on his land and family’s future rose and fell with market fluctuations and increasingly unpredictable growing seasons.  “Getting money,” says Tobias, “was not very easy.”  The compound challenges of water access, climate change, and market volatility are common … Continued

Homa Bay Farmers Welcome Benefits of the Forest Garden

Nestled in the hills surrounding Lake Victoria, farmers living in Homa Bay, Kenya enjoy breathtaking views of their countryside during and after the rainy season. The lake glistens on the horizon and rolling green hills create a striking contrast to the farms below.  But the dry season looks much different.  “If you come here when … Continued

Plant Happiness with Alice Wangu Mwaura

They say you can’t buy happiness. But just ask Alice Wangu Mwaura – you can certainly plant it!  When Alice joined our training program, she was looking for a path away from the farming practices harming her land. She found it hard to be happy when just one bad harvest could put her farm and … Continued

Kenyan Scouts Reach 3 Million Trees Planted

Around the world, Scouts are known for their commitment to making the world a better place. In Western Kenya, Scouts are doing their part by planting millions of trees at schools and homes across the region.  “They make the environment so very beautiful,” says 13-year-old Jamin Hakims Orera.  Trees for the Future (TREES) partnered with … Continued

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