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TREES Ambassadors

What’s an Ambassador?

Trees for the Future Ambassadors represent our organization on a voluntary basis with the purpose of raising awareness about our solution to solve hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation.


Who Can Become an Ambassador?

Anyone! TREES Ambassadors must be passionate about our work and willing to share updates and initiatives with others. What that looks like is unique to each ambassador. Some ambassadors use their social media platforms, others host events, and some simply spread the word about us in their social circles.

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Where in the World are Our Ambassadors?

There are currently more than 200 Trees for the Future Ambassadors all over the world.

Meet an Ambassador

Cinzia Moniaci Quevedo

Cinzia is a Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and fashion designer from Italy. She draws her inspiration for designs and compositions from her life in California and her travels around the world with her family. By traveling for her career, Cinzia has been able to see firsthand numerous instances where our planet has been negatively impacted by pollution and climate change.

“I love supporting causes like Trees for the Future because I care for the next generation as much as ours.” — Cinzia Moniaci Quevedo

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Many TREES Ambassadors use Instagram and Facebook to help spread the word. Visit our Instagram page to see a highlight reel of current ambassadors.


If you have any questions about the Ambassador program, please contact Arianna Vranas at