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Trees for the Future Ambassadors

What’s an Ambassador?

Trees for the Future Ambassadors represent our organization on a voluntary basis with the purpose of raising awareness for our solution to solve hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation. Ambassadors use their unique talents, networks, and passions to support Trees for the Future. Each Ambassador is different and we’re happy to work with you to build an Ambassadorship that works for you.


Who Can Become an Ambassador?

Anyone! Trees for the Future Ambassadors must be passionate about our work and willing to share updates and initiatives with others. What that looks like is unique to each ambassador. Some ambassadors use their social media platforms, others host events, and others host fundraisers to encourage their network to donate.

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Meet an Ambassador

Addie Fisher

Addie is a sustainable living enthusiast and she writes about it on her blogs Old World New & Tiny Green Earthling. Not only does Addie write about sustainability, but she lives it out too. Ever since her son turned one, her family has created an annual Tree Fundraiser for his birthday (which is how they found out about TREES).

“The work that Trees for the Future does – creating a way to help people succeed while caring for the planet – is necessary not only for us today but also for future generations. I love being apart of something so big, but that also reminds us that the Earth is our one home to share together.”
— Addie Fisher

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If you have any questions about the Ambassador program, please contact Lindsay Cobb at