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VSLA Trainings Help Thousands of Forest Gardeners Build Their Wealth

Nuriati Jumanne Mpinda doesn’t have access to a bank or traditional financial support services.   “I didn’t have that capacity to save money,” Nuriati says. “All the money I got was immediately used to buy basic needs.”  Limited Access to Financial Services Perpetuates Poverty For farmers like Nuriati, limited or nonexistent access to financial services and … Continued

Plant Change with Bassirou Seck

Four years ago, Bassirou Seck was farming on unhealthy soil and harvesting very little from his land. It was difficult to see a secure future in farming. Today, his land tells a different story. It tells a story of transformation, of restoration, and of long-awaited, lasting change. Under the shade of more than 2,000 trees, … Continued

Living Fences, Thriving Communities

Disputes between farmers and herders are plaguing families in West Africa. Across the region, many farmers raise livestock for a living. Known as pastoralists, these farmers rely on the wide-open spaces for grazing. Unfortunately, as cattle and goats roam the landscape looking for their next meal, they often end up grazing on valuable crops of … Continued

Babou Found Success through Agroforestry

“Trees for the Future has given meaning to my life.”  Since childhood, 75-year-old Babou Sao has lived with a hearing impairment.  “I could not study because of my handicap and so in the age of adulthood to have something to eat I became a tire extension worker,” he says.  Despite his best efforts, Babou says … Continued

A Sustainable Future for Africa Starts with Agroforestry

“I went from being a marginalized person to a successful person who shares her profits.”  Jeanne d’Arc Sambou is a 45-year-old farmer and mother of four from Fatick, Senegal. She joined Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden program in 2020. Local staff taught her how to protect and diversify her land using agroforestry and a … Continued

263 Million Trees Planted Through Agroforestry and Sustainable Agriculture

Trees for the Future Passes 260-Million Mark Ahead of Earth Day  APRIL 20, 2022 (BETHESDA, MARYLAND) – Regenerative agriculture nonprofit Trees for the Future (TREES) is celebrating 263 million trees planted and more than 300 thousand people impacted.  The trees are planted by farmers on their own land in agroforestry systems called Forest Gardens. Local … Continued

Putting an End to Forced Migration, One Forest Garden at a Time  

“A chance to have the means to succeed at home, that’s what this initiative gives me!”   20-year-old Tidiane Día Mballo is one of 50 returned migrants in Kolda, Senegal receiving agroforestry training from Trees for the Future (TREES) through a partnership with the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM).  TREES teaches farmers how to … Continued

Samba Embraced the Forest Garden Approach at 63 Years Old

 At 65 years old, Samba Cissé, is at the top of the class.   “Trees for the Future has shown me that no matter how old you are, with support you can always make it through,” he says. Samba joined Trees for the Futures Forest Garden Training program in 2020. A farmer in Fatick, Senegal, Samba … Continued

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