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Betty’s Forest Garden Plan

Betty Mwihava is the sole provider for her family. A widow with three children, Betty depends on her Iringa, Tanzania farm to provide for her household.   In 2022, Betty’s farm was noticeably degraded with very poor soil. Betty didn’t have a reliable source of income and her family didn’t have regular access to nutritious foods. … Continued

VSLA Trainings Help Thousands of Forest Gardeners Build Their Wealth

Nuriati Jumanne Mpinda doesn’t have access to a bank or traditional financial support services.   “I didn’t have that capacity to save money,” Nuriati says. “All the money I got was immediately used to buy basic needs.”  Limited Access to Financial Services Perpetuates Poverty For farmers like Nuriati, limited or nonexistent access to financial services and … Continued

These Drones Are Advancing Environmental Restoration

As Mohamed Limo tends to his farm in Singida, Tanzania, there is a soft humming overhead. A drone is methodically circling the one-acre plot, taking detailed photos of the trees, shrubs, and crops covering his land.  Mohamed is part of Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Forest Garden training program. TREES trains farmers in a regenerative … Continued

Celebrating 5,500 Forest Garden Graduates

In much of the world, students of all ages and studies are graduating over the next month – celebrating their hard work and successes over years of schooling. The same is true for Forest Garden farmers in Kenya and Tanzania. More than 5,500 farmers celebrated their successful completion of Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Forest Garden … Continued

263 Million Trees Planted Through Agroforestry and Sustainable Agriculture

Trees for the Future Passes 260-Million Mark Ahead of Earth Day  APRIL 20, 2022 (BETHESDA, MARYLAND) – Regenerative agriculture nonprofit Trees for the Future (TREES) is celebrating 263 million trees planted and more than 300 thousand people impacted.  The trees are planted by farmers on their own land in agroforestry systems called Forest Gardens. Local … Continued

45 New Projects

TREES FOR THE FUTURE TO PLANT 50 MILLION TREES IN 2021 14,000+ farmers in nine countries to use agroforestry to reach goal SILVER SPRING, MD (March 3, 2021) – International development nonprofit Trees for the Future (TREES) is launching 45 new projects, reaching more than 14,000 smallholder farmers across sub-Saharan Africa and setting a goal … Continued

Tanzanian Farmer Finds Pride in Her Forest Garden

When Tanzanian Forest Garden farmer Salma Mussa looks around her property, she says much of what is there today didn’t exist just two years ago. “Pigeon peas, spinach, lettuce, okra, onions, papaya, passion fruit, avocado, timber trees, living fence… all these components which I have just mentioned, were not here before,” she says.  Before, Salma … Continued

Lake Victoria Flooding

East Africa’s rainy season this year wreaked havoc on the region from March to May, causing destructive and deadly flash floods, landslides and sinkholes. More than 481,000 people are now displaced and more than 360 people have died. When Lake Victoria burst its shoreline, an immediate concern was the region’s leading industries; agriculture, livestock farming … Continued

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