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20 New Projects

Trees for the Future Launches 20 New Projects Training 8,000+ Farmers, Planting Millions of Trees   Silver Spring, MD (April 30, 2020) – Regenerative agroforestry nonprofit Trees for the Future launches 20 new projects across sub-Saharan Africa in their ongoing effort to end hunger, poverty, and deforestation through farmer education and the Forest Garden Approach.  … Continued

8 Women Making Strides in African Agriculture

8 Women Making Strides in African Agriculture and Why it Matters As with many male-dominant industries, it has been historically difficult for women to excel in agriculture. Around the globe, women in farming face obstacles ranging from limited land ownership, training, and resources, to blatant discrimination and exclusion. These barriers are perhaps most felt and … Continued

Desert Locusts

Are Forest Gardens a Match for Desert Locusts? Forest Garden farmers in East Africa are anxiously awaiting the growing desert locust swarms plaguing the Horn of Africa for the last two months. The desert locust threat has been mounting since January with the most concerning numbers in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Swarms have also arrived … Continued

Meet Brandy Lellou, Director of Programs

Get to know Trees for the Future’s Director of Programs Brandy Lellou Written by Brandy Lellou In 2005, after just returning from seven years working in the northwest African desert country of Mauritania, I sat around the table with Dave Deppner, the founder of Trees for the Future (TREES) and John Leary, now Executive Director, … Continued

Forest Gardens Around the World

Forest Gardens and their benefits Every person in the world relies on agriculture to survive. No matter geography, climate, or economics, all human beings are dependent on the growing, gathering, and dissemination of food. But what that process looks like varies greatly from person to person. Industrial agriculture and monocrop production are often touted as … Continued

Teaching a Man to Fish

Teaching a Man to Fish: How Trees for the Future Trains Farmers for Sustainable Change Building An Educational Support System Trees for the Future’s collaborative, educational approach to improving the lives of smallholder farmers often brings to mind a well-known Chinese proverb, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach … Continued

Forest Gardens and Beekeeping: Friends with Benefits

July 17, 2017 By Elizabeth Norikane Honeybees contribute to more than a third of all agricultural production, significantly enhance biodiversity, and improve crop yields.  And although they can be found almost everywhere, in recent years there has been a decline in bee populations, threatening the world’s food supply. Through the work of Trees for the … Continued

HIV Patients Find Support in Their Farmer Group

Our Forest Garden program is designed so that our farmers are a part of a group, attending trainings together and relying on one another for support and guidance throughout the various stages of the planning, planting, and harvesting.  Sometimes, however, our farmer groups are more than just farmers learning agricultural techniques together. For the Upendo … Continued

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