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Harriet is Growing Coffee Sustainably

Like many Ugandan farmers, Kakai Harriet is growing coffee on her farm. Coffee is a commonly grown commodity crop in Harriet’s home region of Mount Elgon and across the country. The globally beloved caffeine-packed berries support the Ugandan economy as a leading export. But after decades of growing coffee on the steep slopes of Uganda’s mountainous … Continued

A Plan for Their Land, a Plan for the Planet

Beneath the shade of the trees she planted herself, Rosemary Adika lists all the things growing on her Kenyan farm.  “Many different types of tree species; palm trees, avocado, mango. I grow maize, cassava.”  The list is far from exhaustive. At last count, she had 17 different food and market crops growing on her land … Continued

VSLA Trainings Help Thousands of Forest Gardeners Build Their Wealth

Nuriati Jumanne Mpinda doesn’t have access to a bank or traditional financial support services.   “I didn’t have that capacity to save money,” Nuriati says. “All the money I got was immediately used to buy basic needs.”  Limited Access to Financial Services Perpetuates Poverty For farmers like Nuriati, limited or nonexistent access to financial services and … Continued

These Drones Are Advancing Environmental Restoration

As Mohamed Limo tends to his farm in Singida, Tanzania, there is a soft humming overhead. A drone is methodically circling the one-acre plot, taking detailed photos of the trees, shrubs, and crops covering his land.  Mohamed is part of Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Forest Garden training program. TREES trains farmers in a regenerative … Continued

Ugandan Farmers Prove the Power of Agroforestry

Taaka Sarah started practicing agroforestry on her Ugandan farm in 2021. Working with local Trees for the Future (TREES) staff, she identified a half hectare of her farm to convert into a Forest Garden.  What used to be a sparse plot of land with three trees, two food crops, and one marketable product is now … Continued

Uganda Floods Update: Farmers Look to the Future with Hope 

Farmers in Eastern Uganda are looking to the future as they continue to recover from unseasonal flooding and landslides in July and August.   “It normally floods [earlier], but this year that changed and so we were not expecting it at all,” says farmer Edward Mukhwana.  Unseasonal Rains, Devastating Floods Edward’s farm is in Bumbobi sub … Continued

Opportunity is Growing in Busia, Uganda

Nabwire Winnie lives on a rocky piece of land in Busia, Uganda. The poor soil has made farming the land a challenge for years.  Transforming her land and soil was not going to be easy but in 2020 Winnie decided to join Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Forest Garden training program in hopes of establishing … Continued

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