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A Malian Community Revitalized through Forest Gardening

”I couldn’t provide the three daily meals for my family.”  56-year-old Daouda Keita is a farmer in Koulikoro, Mali. Like many others in Mali, he struggled to put food on the table for his family.  Poverty and hunger are rampant in the West African nation. More than 78% of people are living in poverty and, … Continued

Farmers Surpass Global Food Security Target in Two Years Through Agroforestry

Trees for the Future Releases Latest Data on Hunger, Poverty, and Landscape Restoration  WASHINGTON DC (October 13, 2022) – In a report released Thursday, Trees for the Future (TREES) shares the short and long-term effects of agroforestry systems on hunger, poverty, and landscape restoration. The report confirms that TREES’ Forest Garden Approach effectively achieves the triple … Continued

Living Fences, Thriving Communities

Disputes between farmers and herders are plaguing families in West Africa. Across the region, many farmers raise livestock for a living. Known as pastoralists, these farmers rely on the wide-open spaces for grazing. Unfortunately, as cattle and goats roam the landscape looking for their next meal, they often end up grazing on valuable crops of … Continued

Babou Found Success through Agroforestry

“Trees for the Future has given meaning to my life.”  Since childhood, 75-year-old Babou Sao has lived with a hearing impairment.  “I could not study because of my handicap and so in the age of adulthood to have something to eat I became a tire extension worker,” he says.  Despite his best efforts, Babou says … Continued

A Sustainable Future for Africa Starts with Agroforestry

“I went from being a marginalized person to a successful person who shares her profits.”  Jeanne d’Arc Sambou is a 45-year-old farmer and mother of four from Fatick, Senegal. She joined Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden program in 2020. Local staff taught her how to protect and diversify her land using agroforestry and a … Continued

A Farmer Transforms her Land in the Heart of the Great Green Wall 

Situated on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, Koulikoro, Mali is on the frontlines of a slow-moving environmental and humanitarian crisis. Extreme temperatures, extended periods of drought, and desertification are making it increasingly more difficult for farmers like Sitan Camara to make a living on their land.  The long-deteriorating conditions of the Sahel region … Continued

Putting an End to Forced Migration, One Forest Garden at a Time  

“A chance to have the means to succeed at home, that’s what this initiative gives me!”   20-year-old Tidiane Día Mballo is one of 50 returned migrants in Kolda, Senegal receiving agroforestry training from Trees for the Future (TREES) through a partnership with the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM).  TREES teaches farmers how to … Continued

World Soil Day

We get it, soil doesn’t seem like the most interesting topic. But it’s important and in peril. That’s why the UN named December 5th World Soil Day in 2014, in hopes that soil would gain the attention it deserves. Why is soil important?  Soil is essential to grow our trees and our food. Why is … Continued

Doubling the Impact of the Forest Garden

Senegalese farmer Saliou Seck joined Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden Program four years ago. At the time, he was growing just two crops.  “I only knew how to grow millet and peanuts,” he recalls.  Focusing production on one grain or cash crop is all too common in modern agriculture. But as farmers like Saliou can attest, the … Continued

TREES Releases 2021 Impact Report

225 MILLION TREES PLANTED WITHIN SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS  Trees for the Future on Track to Plant One Billion Trees with Farmers by 2030  SILVER SPRING, MD (October 12, 2021) – Trees for the Future (TREES) announces 225 million trees planted and more than 300,000 people positively impacted in a report released Tuesday. The report, informed by 443 million data points over the … Continued

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