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Trees for the Future’s Kenyan staff are working with thousands of Kenyan farmers to improve quality of life while protecting the land. The Kenyan government is committed to 10% tree cover in the country by 2030. TREES work is not only contributing to more trees planted, we’re helping to solidify agroforestry as a key component of this goal. Our Forest Garden Projects will support this massive landscape initiative and help smallholder farming families improve sustainable farming practices and increase their food security

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Stories from Kenya

The People Behind the Mission: Paul Kihara


Paul Mwaniki Kihara first started planting trees in 2008 in his spare time. Driven by his love of nature, he would distribute seeds and seedlings to his community. Today, Paul is the… Read More

Planting it Forward in Ikinu, Kenya


On a small farm in Ikinu, Kenya, Margaret and Joseph Ndung’u are growing avocados, oranges, apples, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and more. Nearby, Alice Njeri Mwangi is growing strawberries, bananas,… Read More

Explore Kinuthia’s Kenyan Forest Garden


Daniel Kinuthia owns half an acre of land in Ndeyia in Ikinu, Kenya. The region is known for its semi-arid climate and irregular rainfall. The challenging and changing conditions make it difficult… Read More

Catching Up with a Trees for the Future Forest Garden Graduate


Simon Ng’ang’a was one of the first farmers to join Trees for the Future’s (TREES) Forest Garden program in Ikinu, Kenya back in 2015. The 30+ year old organization has worked all over the… Read More

From Better Feed to a Better Way of Farming


Ann Wairimu Kimani is a goat and chicken farmer in Ikinu, Kenya. Several years ago, Ann’s neighbor gave her some dried calliandra leaves to add to her goat feed. After feeding the calliandra to her… Read More

45 New Projects


TREES FOR THE FUTURE TO PLANT 50 MILLION TREES IN 2021 14,000+ farmers in nine countries to use agroforestry to reach goal SILVER SPRING, MD (March 3, 2021) - International development nonprofit… Read More

From Vulnerable to Resilient, Farmers Find Success in Forest Gardening


A year ago, Kenyan farmer Mary Atieno was hard pressed to make ends meet. HIV positive and a widow, Mary is responsible for providing for her family and, at the same time, has to buy expensive… Read More

Seed Bank Business Brings New Life to Kenyan Farmer and Her Village


Kenyan Forest Garden farmer Victoria Akoth is selling more than vegetables. This budding entrepreneur is harvesting, packaging, and selling seeds too, helping her entire community gain access to… Read More

Agroforestry Brings Economic Opportunity to Kenyan Farmer


Since joining Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden program two and a half years ago, Antony Gaya’s Kenyan farm is bursting with life and so are his economic opportunities. Gaya has planted… Read More

Meet Peter Aloo


Meet Peter Aloo, a Kenyan Forest Garden Farmer Agroforestry and sustainable farming practices have helped Kenyan farmer Peter Aloo transform his land. Since joining regenerative agroforestry… Read More

Lake Victoria Flooding


East Africa’s rainy season this year wreaked havoc on the region from March to May, causing destructive and deadly flash floods, landslides and sinkholes. More than 481,000 people are now displaced… Read More

Will the COVID-19 Economic Crisis Hit Nonprofits and Their Beneficiaries?


The Great Recession brought two years of reduced charitable giving in the US   COVID-19 has brought daily routines to a screeching halt around the world. It has changed the way we live,… Read More

20 New Projects


Trees for the Future Launches 20 New Projects Training 8,000+ Farmers, Planting Millions of Trees   Silver Spring, MD (April 30, 2020) - Regenerative agroforestry nonprofit Trees for the… Read More

8 Women Making Strides in African Agriculture


8 Women Making Strides in African Agriculture and Why it Matters As with many male-dominant industries, it has been historically difficult for women to excel in agriculture. Around the globe, women… Read More

Desert Locusts


Are Forest Gardens a Match for Desert Locusts? Forest Garden farmers in East Africa are anxiously awaiting the growing desert locust swarms plaguing the Horn of Africa for the last two months. The… Read More

30 Trees for 30 Years


August 22, 2019 In true Trees for the Future fashion, Ikinu, Kenya staff celebrated the organization’s 30th anniversary by planting trees and, of course, enjoying some birthday cake. “We… Read More

The Secret to a Profitable Kenyan Farm


July 19, 2019 - Silvia Mburugu Kiambu County, Kenya is renowned for a few types of trees and vegetables, but Mary Nduta Kiguru is transforming the regions traditional way of farming. Her success… Read More

TREES Partners with Kenyan Scouts


Kenyan Scouts and Trees for the Future to Plant 1 Million Trees in 2019 Joining Kenyan 2030 Tree Planting Goal Homa Bay (July 2, 2019) - Kenyan Scouts and leading tree planting organization Trees… Read More

177 Farmers Graduate from Ikinu 2, Kenya


Kenyan Farmers Ensure Personal Success Through Trees, Agroforestry Trees for the Future graduates 177 farmers from Forest Garden program Ikinu, Kenya (June 17, 2019) - 177 Kenyan farming families… Read More

Meet Brandy Lellou, Director of Programs


Get to know Trees for the Future's Director of Programs Brandy Lellou Written by Brandy Lellou In 2005, after just returning from seven years working in the northwest African desert country of… Read More

Teaching a Man to Fish


Teaching a Man to Fish: How Trees for the Future Trains Farmers for Sustainable Change Building An Educational Support System Trees for the Future’s collaborative, educational approach to… Read More

Graduation Day in Kenya


On a warm December morning, crowds gathered in a community hall in Ikinu, Kenya to celebrate three years worth of hard work and commitment – to farmers, families, the community, and our… Read More

“Milking” Fodder Trees for a Richer and Healthier Future


Fodder trees are powerhouses for our famers in Ikinu, Kenya.  As part of the first year of our Forest Garden Approach, fodder trees were used to establish a visible boundary and barrier around each… Read More

Forest Gardens and Beekeeping: Friends with Benefits


July 17, 2017 By Elizabeth Norikane, East Africa Communications Specialist   Honeybees contribute to more than a third of all agricultural production, significantly enhance biodiversity, and… Read More

More Milk, More Money, More Hope: Gladys’ Story


The rains are torrential and the crumbling structure of Gladys Wamuhu’s kitchen is no match for the deluge. Inevitably, the water floods in and a rush of mud and debris sweeps through her… Read More