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Tim McLellan

Tim McLellan has spent the majority of his career working for leading international non-profits with a focus on social change programs in the developing world. Most recently he served as Chief Operating Officer at TechnoServe, a $90 million organization which was cited by Impact Matters as the top global poverty-alleviation NGO in 2019. Prior to … Continued

Heri Rashid

Heri Rashid attended the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education and Extention.  Before beginning to work for TREES in 2015, he worked with the Sokoine University of Agriculture in the Department of Agricultural Education and Extension as a field office before joining MVIWATA. In MVIWATA, … Continued

Mohamed Traore

Mohamed is an Agricultural Engineer by training. He graduated from the Polytechnic Rural Institute in 1998. From 1999 to 2006, he was in charge of the Agroecology component of a National NGO which works in the field of environmental protection. After his time there, he studied for his Master’s degree in Environmental Management in Egypt. … Continued

Enock Makobi Walimbwa

Born and raised in Bududa, in Mt. Elgon, Enoch is a certified Forest Garden Trainer, and has 15 years of experience working with rural farming communities. Enoch became familiar with TREES while working with 300 rural farmers in Bushika sub county, Bududa, as part of a partnership between TREES and Bushika Integrated Area Cooperative Enterprise. … Continued

Brandy Lellou

Growing up on a farm in Colorado, Brandy has an affinity for wide-open spaces and natural solutions. As a Civil Engineer, writer and artist she believes that cross-sectoral partnerships are key to developing innovative sustainable solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. Brandy lived and worked in West Africa for seven years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, … Continued

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